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03.28.2012 Taipei Times Taiwan Policy Act Moves Ahead in US Lower House
US congressional sources said US Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, chairperson of the House Foreign Relations Committee, now wants to see the act passed by a floor vote before she leaves to visit Taiwan on May 18. “We are very pleased that this important piece of legislation is moving forward,” said Terri Giles, executive director of the Los Angeles-based Formosa Foundation.
03.23.2012 VOA Supporters Urge the Congress to Move on the Taiwan Policy Act of 2011
The Voice of America (VOA) interviewed Executive Director, Terri Giles, on the Formosa Foundation's campaign for the bill of historic significance.
12.01.2011 Taipei Times US Congress to watch elections ‘closely’
The Formosa Foundation hosted a conference on "Ensuring Free and Fair Elections: Taiwan 2012" on Capitol Hill. Executive Director, Terri Giles, said that it was “highly significant” that four members of Congress had found time to address the conference on what turned out to be one of the busiest legislative days of the year, with at least seven separate hearings under way and the attendance of many senior staff members also reflected the “huge interest” by Capitol Hill in the Taiwanese elections (more reports on the conference).
11.26.2011 Taipei Times Avoid the China Trap, Recognize Taiwan
Russell Hsiao, Formosa Foundation ambassador of class 2005 and senior research fellow at the Project 2049 Institute, refuted the "abandoning Taiwan" assertion.
09.04.2011 Taipei Times Ros-Lehtinen to seek enhanced TRA
In a speech to the Formosa Foundation in June, Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen first indicated that she will introduce new legislation to strengthen and enhance the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA). [Quote] There is a huge amount going on behind the scenes to push for this sale to be approved,” Los Angeles based Formosa Foundation executive director Terri Giles said.
08.03.2011 Liberty Times 181 US Members of Congress Signed, Urge to Sell Taiwan F16 C/D
Formosa Foundation Executive Director Terri Giles, who vigorously promotes this hearing, said the hearing postponement might be more favorable to Taiwan when Taiwan issues are not interfered with the debt debates. She also said that, with a strong Congressional support of F16C/D sales to Taiwan, it is too early to say that the Obama Administration will not sell it this year.
07.20.2011 Macroview Formosa Foundation Ambassadors Learn the Art of Public Diplomacy (vcr)
Macroview TV introduced the activities of the 2011 Ambassador Program to the overseas compatriots around the world.
06.26.2011 Liberty Times Formosa Foundation: the US will not give up on Taiwan (headline)
Front page exclusive report on the 2011 Ambassador Program and the Formosa Foundation's involvement with the hearing.
06.26.2011 Taipei Times U.S. lawmaker plans another hearing
The Formosa Foundation said that it hoped the second hearing planned by Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen would focus on democracy in Taiwan.
06.26.2011 NTDTV Formosa Foundation Ambassadors: Future advocates for Taiwan
The reporters interviewed the student ambassadors and the speakers. Executive Director Terri Giles called for participation in the Ambassador Program, a hands-on experience of how democracy works.
06.22.2011 VOA Why Taiwan Matters
The Voice of America (VOA) invited Executive Director, Terri Giles, to appear on its popular television and radio simulcast show, “Issues and Opinions.". During the interview, Terri discussed the hearing as well as the Formosa Foundation’s engagement in current issues critical to the U.S.-Taiwan relations.
06.18.2011 Taiwan Daily s Congressional Hearing on Why Taiwan Matters
The Formosa Foundation's involvement with this hearing and the first-hand observation from the participants of 2011 Ambassador Program.
06.17.2011 WSJ logo Never Fear, Taiwan -- Congress is Here
An in-depth report on the Congressional hearing "Why Taiwan Matters":
" Congress is among the world’s most stalwart supporters of Taiwan, and has refused to back down in the face of recently shifting political winds."
06.14.2011 Epoch Times Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) in Support of Taiwan
Congresswoman spoke June 11 at the Formosa Foundation headquarters in anticipation of a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on “Why Taiwan Matters,” in Washington D.C. on June 16.
06.13.2011 Taipei Times U.S. lawmaker warns China on Taiwan
BEACON OF DEMOCRACY:The head of the Formosa Foundation described Ros-Lehtinen’s speech as the most pro-Taiwan given by any major Washington politician in a decade.
06.12.2011 NTDTV Ros-Lehtinen: A democratic Taiwan is our iimportant ally
TV report on Congresswoman's speech hosted by Formosa Foundation at Taiwan Center, Rosemead, Los Angeles, on June 11.
04.08.2011 Taiwan Daily s

A Potential Hearing on Why Taiwan Matters (JPG)
Executive Director Terri Giles told Taiwan Daily why Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen agreed to call the hearing and what we can expect.

08.14.2010 Taiwan Daily s

Formosa Foundation Hosts Fundraising Gala August 29 (JPG)
Executive Director Terri Giles sat down with the Taiwan Daily to talk about the work of the Foundation and much more.

02.26.2010 Boston Globe Formosa Betrayed: Political Intrigue in Taiwan
Directed with purpose by newcomer Adam Kane, “Formosa Betrayed’’ shines a fictional spotlight on the real-life cases of Carnegie Mellon professor Chen Wen-Chen and journalist Henry Liu, both killed under suspicious circumstances in the 1980s.
02.23.2010 Reuters Formosa Betrayed: A Haunting History Lesson
Illuminating another dark chapter in recent political history and U.S. foreign policy, "Formosa Betrayed" is a straightforward, workmanlike procedural "inspired by actual events" during the communism-obsessed Reagan era.
10.05.2009 Radio Australia New Movie Addresses Taiwan's Turbulent Past
A Taiwanese American filmmaker has taken on the challenge of explaining the complicated history of political relations between Taiwan, China and the United States.
09.28.2009 Taipei Times US Academics Decry Unfair Treatment in Chen Trial
At conference co-hosted by Formosa Foundation, leading US academics condemned the treatment of former president Chen Shui-bian and called for the case to be handled fairly.


Van Der Beek Turns to Taiwan

Most of you know James Van Der Beek from his role on "Dawson's Creek." But if you can put away the image of Dawson Leery for just a second, the actor turns in a performance in "Formosa Betrayed" that's more adult than teenage fodder.

09.16.2009 Taipei Times Taiwan Democracy in Peril: US Senator
SACRIFICES: While praising Taiwan for building a prosperous democracy, Sherrod Brown voiced concern that closer ties with China could put this progress at risk
09.16.2009 Liberty Times Formosa Betrayed Screens in Washington (PDF)
U.S. Senator: Taiwan’s Democracy Is Result of Many Sacrifices
09.15.2009 Taiwan Daily s Congressional Leaders Praise Formosa Betrayed (PDF) Chinese
Hollywood Film Encapsulates Taiwan's Fight for Freedom & Democracy
09.11.2009 Liberty Times Formosa Foundations Shows Formosa Betrayed on Capitol Hill
07.12.2009 Taiwan Daily s

Thoughts and Reflections on the Ambassador Program (PDF) Chinese
A compilation of comments by the participants of the 2009 Ambassador Program on how the experience has energized them to support Taiwan.

06.30.2009 World Journal 2009 Ambassador Program Seeks US Support for Taiwan's Democracy (HTM)
06.28.2009 Liberty Times Formosa Foundation Student Ambassadors Speak Out for Taiwan's Human Rights
05.21.2009 Taipei Times

Open Letter to Taiwan's President (PDF)
On the completion of Taiwan President Ma’s first year in office, the Formosa Foundation joins an international group of scholars and writers in an open letter to him. The letter concerns Taiwan’s progression in matters pertaining to judicial fairness, human rights, freedom of press and rapprochement with China. (Mandarin translation appended on Page 4)

05.21.2009 Taipei Times US Congressman Calls for Overhaul of Taiwan Policy (PDF)
Republican Representative Ed Royce told a conference at George Washington University that engagement with Taiwan is very important
05.21.2009 Liberty Times Coverage of May 19 conference held at George Washington U (JPG)
June Teufel Dreyer and Rupert Hammond-Chambers reported in Mandarin.
04.08.2009 Taiwan Daily s

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen Reaffirms US Commitment to TRA (JPG)
Ranking Member of the House Foreign Relations Committee speaks in Los Angeles

04.08.2009 Chinese LA Daily logo Ros-Lehtinen: TRA is the "cornerstone" of US-Taiwan relations (PDF)
09.22.2008 Taiwan Daily

Ackerman: Taiwan should take lessons from Isreal (JPG)
NY Congressman speaks in Los Angeles

08.07.2008 Taiwan Daily Randy Schriver: US Should Fulfill Commitment to Sell Arms to Taiwan (JPG) Dan Blumenthal: China is not giving Taiwan adequate international space
07.31.2008 Sun

Exploring Road Map for Future US-Taiwan Relations
On August 6, 2008 the Formosa Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute will co-host a forum featuring Randall Schriver and Dan Blumenthal.

06.28.2008 Taiwan Daily News Formosa Foundation Concludes 2008 Ambassador Program (JPG)
Students Hold Meetings with 127 Congressional Offices
06.28.2008 World Journal 世界日報 Students Become Spokerspersons for Taiwan (HTM)
06.13.2008 Reuters

Students Participate in Premier Leadership Program
The Formosa Foundation & Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Join Forces to Host Sixth Annual Ambassador Program

09.12.2007 Los Angeles Times In Tune with Taiwan (PDF)
Heavy metal band wins emigre fans on U.S. tour urging U.N. recognition
06.18.2007 Taiwan Daily News Formosa Foundation lauches 2007 Ambassador Program (PDF) Chinese
29 Ambassadors eager to advocate for Taiwan
06.17.2007 Taiwan Daily News Formosa Foundation seeks U.S. full recognition of Taiwan (PDF) Chinese
01.31.2007 Taipei Times

Trent Lott to Co-Chair Senate Taiwan Caucus (PDF)

09.12.2006 Pacific Times "Over my dead body" (PDF) Chinese version
Joseph Jaushieh Wu Defends Taiwan's Democracy and Sovernty
09.08.2006 Mercury News Taiwan's Head of Chinese Relations Says U.S. Distracted by Crises (PDF)
08.03.2006 Taipei Times US Senator Lott ‘Backs’ Visits for Progress on Arms (PDF)
08.03.2006 China Post President Chen Wants U.S. to End Its One-China Policy (PFD)
08.02.2006 BBC Taiwan President Urges Efforts to Change US One-China Policy (PDF)
07.01.2006 Liberty Times

 青年大使營 在美推銷台灣 (PDF)

06.29.2006 Taipei Times

Mayor of Irvine, California, Apologizes for Political Gaffe(PDF)

06.28.2006 Orange County Register

Irvine Apologizes to Taiwanese (PDF)                                                     Council meeting draws 175 protesters...After protests by Taiwanese residents, the Irvine City Council decided to rescind a memo stating Irvine will basically not recognize Taiwan.

06.28.2006 Los Angeles Times In Irvine, Taiwanese Miffed Over Sister City Deal (PDF)
06.28.2006 World Journal 世界日報

 台美人社區向爾灣市議會嗆聲 (PDF)
要求取消與徐匯區締姊妹約和備忘錄 並向桃園姊妹市公開道歉

06.27.2006 Orange County Register Irvine Mayor Tries to Make Amends (PDF)
The mayor has apologized to the mayor of Taoyuan, Taiwan, for an agreement signed last month with a new sister city in China pledging basically not to recognize Taiwan.
06.20.2006  Taipei Times US - Taiwan Project Starts (PDF)
05.25.2006 The Epoch Times  Rep. Sherrod Brown - Strong Advocate of Taiwanese Freedom and Self-Determination (PDF)
05.21.2006 Charleston Gazette Don't be Taken in by China's Siren Song (PDF)
05.16.2006 Chinese LA Daily News

Rep. Sherrod Brown Supports Taiwan to Join WHO (PDF)
(Chinese Version)

05.11.2006 Taiwan Daily News Taiwan's Strong Supporter Rep. Brown Speaks on Defending Democracy (PDF) (Chinese Version)
04.27.2006 Taiwan Daily News Congressman Brown Defends Taiwan (PDF) (Chinese Version)
04.06.2006 Taiwan News Independence Groups Protest Ma's Statement (PDF) (Chinese Version)
03.29.2006 Taiwan Daily News Rep. David Wu issues Joint Statement with Formosa Foundation -- Unfair Treatment by White House (PDF) (Chinese Version)
03.28.2006 Taiwan Daily News Southern California Community Protests Against Ma - Ma's "One-China" Definition is Confusing (PDF) (Chinese Version)
01.25.2006 The Epoch Times International The Final Battle Between Slavery and Democracy has Shifted to Asia (PDF)
Former Taiwanese President’s Recent Visit Leaves America Thinking
10.22.2005 Los Angeles Times Lee Visit Stirs Up Taiwan Debate (PDF)
10.21.2005 Associated Press Ex-Taiwan Leader Warns U.S. About China (PDF)
10.21.2005 Agence France Press Taiwan’s Lee Slams "Slave State" China, Calls for Economic Boycott (PDF)
Taiwan Former President Speaks at Formosa Foundation Event
09.12.2005 Taiwan Daily News Formosa Ambassadors at "UN 4 Taiwan Rally" (PDF) (Chinese Version)
08.02.2005 Taipei Times Formosa Ambassadors Meet with Taiwan President (PDF)
07.04.2005 Taipei Times Taiwanese students conclude vist, talks with US Congress (PDF)
04.03.2005 Liberty Times 自由時報 學子遊說 美議員入台灣連線 (PDF)
06.26.2005 Taipei Times Foreign affairs - Youngsters in U.S. (PDF)
06.26.2005 World Journal 世界日報 ?爾摩沙親善大使為台發聲 (PDF)
03.18.2005 To The Point Audio Show "To the Point" on China and Taiwan (MP3)
12.14.2004 China Times 中國時報

美學者﹕臺灣需證明自衛決心  (PDF)

12.14.2004 Liberty Times 吳澧培﹕訴求臺灣  要讓美知道  (PDF)
12.16.2004 Pacific Times 探討選後台美關係與「一中政策」的適合性 (PDF)
12.14.2004 Taiwan Daily News 國際研討會「選後台美中新政局之發展」 (PDF)