Our Goals

The Formosa Foundation regularly gathers policymakers, scholars and opinion-shapers to promote Taiwan's democracy and to encourage to evolution of U.S. policy towards Taiwan. We are dedicated to the following actions, goals and ideals:

  • Preserving and promoting democracy, liberty and human rights for the people of Taiwan.
  • Fostering an environment of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.
  • Advocating for a "One China, One Taiwan" policy, which favors the interests of the United States and Taiwan and reflects present political realities.
  • Promoting understanding and friendship among the peoples of the Asian Pacific region and specifically between the people of the United States and Taiwan.
  • Encouraging Taiwanese-Americans to take leadership roles in the American political process and providing opportunities for them to do so.
  • Supporting Taiwanese people and their right to exercise self-determination.

Achieving Our Goals

The Foundation creates educational and research opportunities in the form of conferences, forums, and panels to explore policy issues and provide information to policymakers to better understand:

  • Strategic relationships among nations in the Asian Pacific Region, particularly for the purpose of preventing armed conflicts, including possible U.S. military action.
  • Economic relationships and realities in the region to encourage expansion of free markets, free trade and economic prosperity that benefits not only the United States and Taiwan, but all of the nations in the region.
  • The importance of peace, stability, democratic evolution and the overall economic well-being of Taiwan to the economic and geopolitical interests of the United States and the Asian Pacific Region.

The Foundation actively participates in discussion groups, forums, rallies, media events and panels to disseminate our belief that supporting democracy and human rights in Taiwan is consistent with the national interests of the United States. We are building alliances with think tanks and foundations which share our goals, and are creating a network of scholars and advisors to give us greater influence to policy making.

The Foundation provides accurate information about Taiwan to members of Congress. We provide training opportunities, such as the Ambassador Program, that encourage young people's interest in advocacy both in the United States and Taiwan. We create publications examining foreign policy alternatives of the United States for maintaining the political stability and promoting the economic prosperity of the United States, Taiwan and the Asian Pacific region as a whole.

The Foundation works to enhance better understanding of the United States and Taiwan by coordinating high-level visits between the two countries. We work to create increased trade relations by advocating for a U.S.-Taiwan free trade agreement.

"Freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved."

President Franklin D. Roosevelt