Li-Pei Wu

Li-Pei WuHonorary Chairman, Li-Pei Wu founded the Formosa Foundation in 2002 following a life-long commitment to promoting human rights and democracy for Taiwan.

Wu has been a banker by profession, most notable for his successful revival and management of Los Angeles-based GBC Bancorp and its subsidiary bank, General Bank. In 2003, Wu retired from GBC Bancorp, which was later merged with Cathay Bancorp to form Cathay General Bancorp.

Among the numerous awards that he received in recognition of his outstanding banking career, Wu was the recipient of the 1998 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Greater the new Los Angeles.

In 1999, Wu was invited by England’s University of Cambridge to be a Distinguished Guest Lecturer for its Department of Oriental Studies. Wu spoke on the topics of “Can Taiwan’s Economic Miracle Persevere? An examination on its past and future” and “Taiwan-China Relations: A dilemma of political confrontation and economic interdependency."

Published Articles, Speeches & Media Interviews:

US Must Stand Up for Democracy
Taipei Times, October 10, 2008
The success of Taiwan depends on the support offered by the community of democracies, as does that of all peoples determined to fight for freedom and human rights. The world should not stand by and allow China to crush a vibrant, successful and democratic Taiwan, and the US should show them the way. It is time for the US to embrace its principles and values-based approach to foreign policy, which in the long run will prevail. Let the reality of Taiwan, rather than the fear of China, be the guiding principle.

Full Recognition of Taiwan -- Dismantling the Fallacy of the One China Policy (PDF)
Wu spoke at a foreign relations forum in Taipei on May 22, 2007, entitled “Diplomatic Corner: U.S.-Taiwan Relations, Retrospect and Prospect.” The purpose of the forum was to discuss the “one-China” policy and Taiwan’s standing in the international community. Mandarin translation.

Mutual Respect - The Missing Ingredient to Cross-Strait Harmony (PDF)
Delivered at the conference in October 2006, Global Security and Relations between the Taiwan Straits: The 2008 Challenge, hosted by the Claremont Insitute, Li-Pei Wu urges Taiwan and China to set aside political biases and any preconceived notions in order for cross-strait dialogues to begin. Mandarin Translation.


Now that democracy has taken root in Taiwan, my second life-long dream is to ensure that Taiwan remains free.  The Formosa Foundation was founded with the mission to promote better U.S.-Taiwan relations and to rally for stronger U.S. support for Taiwan’s democracy and the people’s right to self-determination." 

Li-Pei Wu, Formosa Foundation Founder & Honorary Chairman; Senior Advisor to President Chen Shui-bian